ETA Clinics & Professional Development

I’m excited to partner with Educational Travel Adventures to offer band clinics, coaching, and professional development sessions. I would love to be able to work with you and your band in 2022-23 or present a session as part of a professional development offering at your campus. You can learn more on ETA’s New Clinician Website. 

Joni Perez from the Woodlands HS and I have been working closely with the ETA staff to develop this page over the last few months. We hope to provide strategies to improve program and director morale and elevate the performance level of the groups we work with. We are happy to give another set of ears or even just talk through our own experiences at CTJ or The Woodlands. We have both been at this a while and want to share what we have learned to help others.

ETA has a dynamic team of employees who can provide incredible travel services for your organization. The ETA staff is a tight-knit group of professionals who offer fantastic customer service – you’ll never feel pressured, and it’s been great to work with them on this project.