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Help Students Learn From Failure

“How can we help our students embrace and bounce back from failures? How can we use failure to grow and continuously improve? Lifting our students from difficult moments…

Football and Band: A Match Made in Heaven?

“Use the relationship between your athletic and spirit organizations to strengthen your campus community. Look at football games as a chance to showcase your music program while supporting…

Support the San Antonio Symphony

Make the investment – San Antonio’s Orchestra is an integral part of our city. We have the means to make this right and ensure future generations benefit from…

Daily Diet of Fundamentals

“A musician’s daily diet or daily drill provides all the necessary basics for performing on an instrument successfully.” For the full article, follow the link below to the…


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About Me

Jarrett opened CTJ in 2008 as an Assistant Director of Bands before his promotion to Head Director in 2010, a role he served in until 2023. He also travels around Texas instructing student leadership clinics and consulting with other band directors wishing to improve their organizations.


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